2020 Media Kit

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Leafedin is arguably the most popular and largest US & international marijuana networking application with over 300, 000 registered user profiles, 3 million + ORGANIC pageviews a month, and an average session time of 8 minutes. 

It has one of the most valuable dynamic targeted audiences of any marijuana outlet because it was created to connect anyone directly involved in the marijuana community so that they can meet their product or employment need! 

The users are split into vendors, consumers, workers, and employers, and with over 3 million organic page views a month, our audience has been shown to be roughly 5-7x more valuable and likely to convert than a news or content site based on CTR and analytics data. 

This means that unlike many content sites, you can be assured that the significant majority of users will be marijuana consumers, vendors, or employers/workers, and more importantly, Leafedin is an outlet for many vendors that otherwise have no outlet, giving you a unique untouched high-value audience. 

We offer everything from traditional banner advertising, sponsored article posts, job posts, 

and social media shout outs!

Leafedin reaches


page views monthly

Our Readers spend

8 minutes

on our app each session



people signup each day

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$500.00 per Item
Leafedin advertisers know that every one who is viewing or using Leafedin is truly a potential consumer because they have come to Leafedin to meet a marijuana need that they have. All advertising can be regionalized to a specific area, ensuring you get the most ROI for your spend.

Leafedin.org is the Number 1 Advertising opportunity available for any entity or business that is involved within any aspect of the marijuana industry. There is simply not a single medium that can rival what Leafedin.org can provide within it's advertising options in terms of ROI, Target Audience, and Visibility.

50K Impressions
$350.00 per 50k Impressions
100K Impressions
$650.00 per 100k Impressions
300K Impressions
$1,750.00 per 300K Impressions

Talk more with our message packages.

Messages 500
$100.00 per 500
Messages 80
$25.00 per 80
Messages 200
$50.00 per 200 messages

Enjoy more exposure with Premium/Vendor of the Week.

Premium/VOW 1000
$1,000.00 per Item
VOW 250
$250.00 per Item
VOW 500
$500.00 per Item


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